Terms and conditions:

First of all – thank you for choosing Cool Africa. You can be assured of our best service at all times.

With international jobs, FULL balance must be paid before ANY goods will leave our premises.

With bank jobs we will need a 50% deposit, and the balance before any goods will leave our premises.

In the case of a room/s being built in a newly built house/premises, please ONLY accept the new/revised quotation on COMPLETION of the house/premises. No orders/deposits will be accepted before then.

Work that will be done covers ONLY the work that was quoted on. Written site instructions to be provided for ANY extras that need to be done.

Any extras done WILL be charged for.

If no order form were received, the first payment will be seen as a full acceptance of all of our terms and conditions.

All guarantees are subject to quarterly services. Services for client’s own account.

Guarantee does NOT cover rain, hail, thunder, wind, snow or any other act of nature.

Guarantee does NOT cover brakeage due to unstable voltage.

Guarantee WILL lapse if anyone other than a Cool Africa technician works on, or adjust ANY of the equipment. We know exactly what we did.

Guarantee WILL lapse if rooms are not used for the purpose the refrigeration was designed for. We CAN see that. Do NOT provide us with false information in order to get a better price, and then wonder why the room’s not working. Each room’s refrigeration (except when stated otherwise) is designed for each client’s own special needs.

Guarantee does NOT cover labour and transport costs caused due to consequential damage. This needs to be paid in advance.

If compressor needs to be replaced during the guarantee period the client has to pay for the new compressor. Our supplier tests the compressor and cut it open to see what caused the breakdown. When the test results come back and they have to credit us for the broken compressor, we will refund you for the new compressor. If it was found that the compressor broke down due to one of the reasons mentioned in this terms and conditions, there will be no refund.

Factory guarantee ONLY covers mechanical faults, and NOT abuse due to misuse, acts of nature, unstable voltage or if units break down due to not being serviced.

NO guarantee on electrical equipment, as we don’t get any guarantee from our suppliers.

We give NO guarantee whatsoever on second-hand equipment.

We give NO guarantee whatsoever if we do not supply equipment.

Deposit WILL be forfeited if ordered is cancelled as we pay out the deposit to our suppliers the moment we receive it and we don’t get deposits back from suppliers.

ALL goods remain the property of Cool Africa, UNTILL PAID FOR  IN FULL, and we reserve the right to remove ANY equipment to the value of the outstanding amount should we not receive final payment.

Please supply a smooth levelled surface where the panels will be erected, a suitable power point right next to where the refrigeration is going to stand and a suitable platform/wall where the refrigeration is going to stand/fitted.

Extra costs WILL be charged if site is not ready for installation on the date agreed upon.

Guarantee starts the moment the job card is signed off.

All terms and conditions on the job card, on the order form and on the website ARE STRICTLY ADHERED TO. NO exceptions. It is your responsibility to read it and ask us questions to make sure that you understand it.

PLEASE NOTE: If job card is signed off it means that you – the client – are satisfied and have no problem with paying the outstanding amount A.S.A.P.

Balance payable ON the day of completion and NO MORE than one week after completion. After that steps WILL be taken and/or goods to the value of the outstanding balance WILL be removed until paid for in full.

Any legal fees due to any terms and conditions above not met will be for client’s account.

By signing this document you state that you have read the terms and conditions, and is agreeing with it.