We supply Freezer panels from 150mm to 300mm thick, with both tongue and groove joints or barrier strips.

There are various options available when choosing your freezer room – from choosing any size your heart desires, to choosing between various doors.

Find a few pointers for when you decide on your cold room.

  • You can choose any size you like, but to make the room cheaper we recommend that you choose your sizes in even numbers (for example: rather choose 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4mH, instead of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5mH).
  • The longest roofs are 5m long, so when your room is 10m long, you will need two roofs of 5m each. For this, you will need roof supports that hang from an overhead structure. So, if your room is longer/wider than 5m you will have to keep in mind that you will need an overhead structure or roof to hang the roof supports from.
Panel thickness

Because of climate change we don’t make use of 100mm panels for freezer rooms anymore. We recommend that clients make use of 150mm or 200mm panels for freezer rooms depending on the size and use, as the refrigeration units won’t have to work as hard. This also ensures that you use less electricity – something we don’t have too much of these days, and it doesn’t come very cheap either. (There is a option if you would like to use 100mm panels for your freezer room, we can increase the density used for the panels)

  • Swing or hinged door. This is the cheapest option and normally works 100%. It is also the most durable.
  • Sliding door. These are recommended when you will move large quantities of stock in and out of the room, don’t have space for a swing door to open (like in a small kitchen), or if you will make use of a forklift inside the room.
  • Slam on glass door. These are normally used in liquor stores, and mounted on the outside of the cold room on the panel itself. They tend to wear out with time but is your cheapest glass door.
  • Architrave glass door. This one is more expensive than the slam on door, but looks neater and are more durable. They come in a frame and close inside the frame. They are equipped with LED lights in the frame. These are normally used in houses, chain stores, Liquor stores and filling stations (garages).
  • Floors can be either 75mm up to 150mm depending on you as client.
  • Galvanized floor. This type of floor is normally used in smaller rooms, or rooms that will most likely be moved to another location at some point. It is panels with galvanized cladding instead of chromadek cladding, as galvanized cladding is stronger and can be walked on. It tends to wear out with time.
  • Concrete floor. We Install the room and after installing it we put polystyrene on the floor. You are then required to throw a concrete slab on top of the polystyrene. This is usually used in bigger rooms, rooms that won’t be moved to a new location or when you will be using a forklift inside your room. This floor is more durable and holds the cold a lot better.
  • Checker plate floor. This floor is usually used in smaller room as well, this floor is polystyrene cladded with checker plate steel. This gives you a bit more grip when walking in the room.

This is the most crucial part of the Freezer room. Make sure that you tell us what you are going to use the room for because the refrigeration gets worked out according to that so that you can be sure that you will get exactly what you need. For example, if you say you will use the room to store ice cubes but you forget to tell us that you are going to make ice blocks as well, the refrigeration won’t work because it won’t be strong enough.

If you tell us that you will be storing already frozen meat, but you forget to tell us that half the meat will actually come in fresh, the refrigeration will also not work, because it is not strong enough. However, if you tell us that you will be making ice blocks or freezing fresh meat, we will make sure that the refrigeration is strong enough for that purpose.

We do it like this to make sure that you don’t pay more than you need to pay, as the refrigeration gets more expensive the bigger it gets. It is also crucial to tell us how long the pipe run will be (how far the outdoor unit is going to stand from the freezer room), so we can work out your quotation accordingly. It is not advisable to make your pipe run longer than 12m.

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