Refrigeration Equipment/Gadgets/Extras

We help our customers by providing them with quality products whether it is to replace an existing part or installing a new one.

There are various options available when it comes to equipment and Gadgets.


We supply a variety of compressors; all we need from you as client is to provide us with the existing compressor model number and to state if it is for cold room use or freezer room use.

Evaporator Coils

We supply a variety of evaporator coils, from slim coils to box coils. Supply us with the existing evaporator coil model number and we find you a match even when you want to change it to a newer model.

Fan Motors

We supply quality fan motors, from evaporator fan motors to condensing unit fan motors, any brand or equivalent motors. Fan motors and fans ranges from 150mm up to 500mm fans.

Monitoring/Alarm System

When you have precious products in your cold/freezer room or even need to monitor the Relative humidity then we have the perfect solution for you. This device will monitor the temperature and humidity inside the room, whenever the temperature or humidity reaches a point where you are not satisfied with, it will send out an SMS to your phone and an email to your laptop. This device also send graphs of how your room is behaving.

Refrigerant Gas

Ever encountered a fridge, aircon or a cold/freezer room running short on gas? Well, we supply various types of refrigerant gas. (R404A, R507A, R410A, R134A etc)

Glass Windows and Doors

Whenever you are building a cold room, a freezer room or any other rooms, we can supply you with glass doors and windows. All we need from you as client, is to specify whether the glass would be used for a cold room or n freezer room.


We supply our clients with 3 options on shelving all in different sizes. The three options are as follow:

GALVANIZED SHELVES: This is the cheapest option available but is suitable for both cold and freezer rooms. It is strong and durable.

POWDER COATED SHELVES: These are a bit more expensive but is available in different colors, also durable and strong.

STAINLESS STEEL SHELVES: These shelfs are the most expensive shelves but also the most durable. The standard sizes on all shelves are 910mm (W) x 380mm (D) x 1900mm (H) (we can do customized shelves as well.


When you have a cold room or a freezer room installed but you’re not keen on the white chromadek panels then we have a solution for you. We can wrap the panels according to your design or the color you desire. (This will be an extra cost) The customized Cooler boxes can also be wrapped.


We have a lot of other options available as well. We can supply thermostats, pressure switches, light switches, temperature monitors, aluminum angles, silicone, screws, lights etc. You tell us what you need and we might have it, if not we will find it.

Elevate your experience with our quality products for replacements or new installations.