Are you in need of reliable, consistent and energy-efficient commercial cold room, then you have come to the right place! Here in this article, you will get the detailed information regarding types, dimensions and specifications of cold rooms available in the market these days.

A room that is manufactured and designed to optimize the intended use is called as the cold room. Most of the cold rooms are engineered to maintain a constant temperature of +4 degrees. Typically, there are two types of commercial cold rooms; walk-in cold rooms and interleaving modular cold rooms. It all depends what are your business requirements. So, it’s always better to get a professional advice on what type of cold room would be the best to meet your business needs. When it comes to the walk-in cold rooms, they are smaller in size than cold storages and are mainly used by the retail industry to store goods with fast shelf refill rate. Due to the small size of these cold rooms, the insulated floors are made strong enough only to enable the use of hand carts and not suitable for large power equipments such as forklifts. Walk in cold rooms are best to use in the convenience stores, super marts, hotels, restaurants etc.

When it comes to interleaving modular cold rooms, the distinctive specifications include; they are available in varying sizes, all manufactured in various factories all over the globe. These cold rooms come with a brilliant POD Arneg refrigeration system for enhanced storage capacity and hassle free maintenance. Interleaving modular cold rooms have 90mm ODP zero foam insulated panels for thermal efficiency.

These units have cam-locks securely foamed into tongue and groove joints for tight locking stable structure, which ultimately removes the risk of ice buildup in the joints while ensuring ‘thermal envelope’ which is 100 percent supporting with BREAM authorization. They are 100 percent silicon-sealed, waterproof and weathertight joints for careful sterile fitting to avert moisture and bacterial penetration. Interleaving modular cold rooms come with movable partition walls for dual compartment rooms, which are specially designed to be moved to fulfil space requirements such as seasonal menu variations.

There are several manufacturers that offer an impressive range of walk in and interleaving modular cold rooms & remote Freezer with bespoke designs to suit even the most unique environment. Some suppliers also have weatherproof cold rooms in order to manage the rising pressure on kitchen space and vibration proof, humidity controlled and Zone-2 (where the risk of explosion is high) cold rooms. Some manufacturers provide qualified engineers and technicians that start with a FREE site survey and will make detailed drawings, risk and method statements, installation and testing of equipment.

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